life after playing church compared to living the dream of a true Christ follower

wow, My husband and I at the time we were married 21 years, built a church In Roswell, taught the kids in SS. and we truly played church for this whole marriage. we had two children that were raised in the Methodist church. my husband then left me after 21 years of marriage, he took a class recreating your life and he did so without me in it, had a horrible time for years, but at this time we either turn to Christ or we turn away,
so my choice was to turn to Jesus and I have chasing him ever since and I love it, that has been now 23 years, I was 40 when we went through a divorce,
waited 5 years to marry the husband I have now, Jim Thomas, been married 18 years and our whole marriage is based on Jesus and serving God and his people, we have never not served at a local church hard core. our passion is Divorce care because your worse misery is your ministry. we have been in this ministry at least 10 years, went to boot camp to train to do it well, then God put it on our hearts to help marriages NOT go to divorce, so we have been serving in this ministry at least 5 years facilitating marriage classes. have had a home group in our home for 4 years in Florida, we have been living in canton this month 1 year. we have been to CFB church. we needed more fellowship and more places for us to serve,
we love Guest services. we love loving on and greeting people to make them feel comfortable and the love of Jesus,
we lived in Florida 18 years for me, attended Calvary chapel in Melbourne. we love God and love serving his people, we love small groups with people our own age,
we journal, devotions, read Christian books, work on our relationship with Jesus every day, we only like serving with each other as a couple, we feel God has given us each other and we like to give back to his kingdom and we just love Jesus, not sure what else you want, my daughter calls us hard core Christians but that is ok, rather be hard core than luke warm,

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