Serve Saturday The Bluff

I must say this was a very surreal experience; having been part of law enforcement and seeing the worse in people; this was a very huge eye opener. To see the homeless, alcoholics, those addicted to drugs come and receive food, toiletries, prayer and the salvation of Jesus Christ; I must say this was definitely was a different interaction than I would normally have. To see God work in the lives of those who live in the most undesirable conditions. Watching these folks come out and sing and dance praising God.

I stood and prayed over a gentleman named Antonio. Antonio approached me and said he would like Jesus to free him of his demon? I asked him what was his demon and he said it was alcohol. It was destroying him. He saiid it was ruining his life and killing him very slowly. So we prayed over this demon asking God to heal him from alcohol. He promised me he would go to detox and rehab. I told him that he needs to join AA after completing detox. I could tell he was not only struggling with addiction from alcohol but he was serious about wanting to be healed.

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