We are all God's children

Do we really know how blessed we are? Our homes are our shelter from the world. Our homes keep us warm in the winter and cool in the summer. We can relax and let our guard down inside the walls of our safe haven. We grab a bottle of water when we are thirsty, we open the refrigerator when we are hungry. Life is good!!
The people I met on Saturday at "The Bluffs" live in a different world. Some do not have a place to call home. They literally live on the streets of Atlanta! Others live in very run down housing projects. I knew that this world existed but for me it was a distant world that I only saw on television.
I definitely will volunteer again to serve with 7 Bridges to Recovery. I felt safe, it was very organized and a very positive experience. There were 20-25 other volunteers , a few children 12+years. Each stop we created a circle, someone would pray, we would greet each person with a positive, loving attitude. The people we met were happy to see us, grateful for the food and the prayers. I left with my heart blessed and my head full of names of people that I have thought of often this past week. You will be blessed but more importantly you will show God's love to others in the most basic way. A prayer, a hug, a smile, a hand shake and a lunch maybe their only meal of the day.

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